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24 hours on the USS Harry S. Truman...

"Being able to understand in a very small way the daily lives of those stationed on the USS Truman was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I have the highest level of pride and respect for these brave young American sailors as they protect and enhance our democracy across the globe.”                                                                                          David Q., Embark Participant


Distinguished Visitors Embarkation Opportunities


The Truman Foundation has been given a rare opportunity by the Navy to nominate individuals to embark on the USS Truman for an overnight, at sea visit.


These embarkation periods are reserved for those individuals who are active and influential in their community, business or government and who have not been exposed to naval aviation, aircraft carrier operations or the military. Individuals nominated are not an automatic guarantee that they will qualify for the embarkation. The final approval rests with the Navy.


These opportunities are not to be sold or bartered in any way and are not intended to be used as a reward or to promote an organization. These embarks are meant to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation for the Navy by providing community and business leaders the opportunity to view the Navy in action. The embarks will interact with the ship’s sailors and be exposed to the unique capabilities of carrier Naval aviation.

A video produced by one of our recent embarkation guests

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